Oracy is the ability to express oneself fluently to be able to communicate with other people. Oracy is a fundamental right of education at Oakway Academy, and within the Hatton Academies Trust. It is an essential pedagogical approach which underpins teaching and learning in all aspects of school life – both academic development and personal, social and moral development. It is inherent in all our teaching, and in our day to day interactions with pupils.

How do we implement the oracy toolkit?

Adults in our school are expected to consider Oracy in each and every interaction they have with pupils, as strong Oracy skills are essential to succeeding in life. We make use of a wide range of strategies with all pupils, and make choices that are dependent on the situation, the individual pupils and or group of pupils, and the purpose of the discussion taking place. The Oracy Toolkit is a separate document which staff have access to, and receive training to implement.

Examples of the toolkits for the Early Years, Year 2, 4 and 6 can be found below.

What is the outcome of a good oracy curriculum?

Oracy in Action at Oakway Academy