Welcome to Oakway Academy

We are very proud of our continually improving academy, come and visit and you will see PRIDE in action!

Oakway has been educating children in our local area for over 50 years, there have been many changes over that time but we have always been at the heart of the community; with generations of families attending. We are a large primary school catering for up to 630 children in 21 classes with extensive provision for pastoral care and children with additional educational needs. Visiting our school is highly recommended as we have spectacular grounds with extensive outdoor learning opportunities.

In 2014 we entered into a new era, becoming part of Hatton Academies Trust, a local family of schools working together to ensure the highest quality of education Working together with the other schools in the Trust provides opportunities for our children and staff to continually improve.

Involving and supporting families in their child’s learning and progress is essential if they are to reach their potential. At Oakway Academy we strive to support families in a variety of ways to ensure that children can transfer their learning experiences between school and home. Parent voice and feedback is essential to our continued self-evaluation and improvement, together we are Growing PRIDE at Oakway Academy.

Our mission Statement ‘Growing PRIDE’ underpins our ethos and drives everything we do in order to improve outcomes for all learners.  Our PRIDE values of PassionResponsibilityIndependenceDetermination and Enjoyment represent the traits we are seeking to develop in our children so they understand how to be successful within the academy and British Society as a whole. We are a nurturing and welcoming community academy where relationships with children and families and each other as staff are at the forefront of everything we do.

The dedicated staff is the machine that drives our academy. Every member of staff believes that our children deserve the very best and as a result, they are always developing their skills to ensure the highest possible educational experiences.

If you require a paper copy of any of the information on our website, please speak to the school office who will be happy to help you.

Meet the staff

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs Claire Byron
Mrs Angie Aitken
Head of School
Mr James Hollingsworth
Head of School
Miss Becky Owen
Assistant Principal
Mrs Laura Mutlow
Assistant Principal
Mrs Vicky Lochridge
Assistant Principal
Mrs Kate Pettifer
Business Manager

Early Years

Early Years
Support Staff

Mrs Vicky Lochridge
Mrs Jordan Indge
Mrs Megan Bristow
Mrs Kelly Chiswell
Mrs Erin Collis

Year 1

Year 1 Support Staff and
Additional Teachers

Miss Tara Williams
Miss Tiffany Ho
Mrs Zoe Cornish & Mrs Katie Perry
Mrs Tracey Lacy
Miss Kerry Taylor

Year 2

Year 2 Support Staff and
Additional Teachers

Mrs Caroline Bellham
Mrs Sarah Bird
Miss Jodie Cunningham
Miss Hannah Morgan
Miss Kerry Taylor

Year 3

Year 3 Support Staff and
Additional Teachers

Mrs Kerry Brewer
Miss Amy Walker
Miss Alice Joy

Year 4

Year 4 Support Staff and
Additional Teachers

Miss Laura Marshall
Miss Sophie Lea
Mrs Rowan Brawn
Miss Michelle Kitson

Year 5

Year 5 Support Staff and
Additional Teachers

Mrs Larissa Nash
Mrs Jemma Barnes
Mr Thomas Gibbs
Mrs Tara Jarrett

Year 6


Miss Bethany Mayes
Mrs Danielle Shilton
Mrs Jane Liddington
Mrs Kirstin Jones
Mr Thomas Stonehouse



Miss Amy Hopper
Mrs Lisa Waldron
Mrs Caroline Forman
Mrs Jacinta Gordan (SENCO)
Miss Courtney Stevens
Mr Paul Bellham
Miss Cynthia Walker
Mrs Susan Hatton
Miss Helen Nattrass
Ms Clare Locke

PE Teacher
and Sports Coaches


Mr Thomas Stonehouse (Lead)
Mr Jordan O'Brien
Mr Kieran Huxtable
Mr Paul Chandler
Mrs Kelly Underwood
Miss Beth Maycock
Miss Emma Stafford - maternity leave
Miss Jessica Standish
Miss Terri Needs

Lunctime Supervisors

Admin and
Site Team

Miss Sally Patrick
Mrs Julie Kaczmaryk
Miss Juliette Henry
Mrs Heather Kelland
Miss Sam Godfrey
Mrs Anne-Marie Sambridge
Miss Rabeena Mahay
Mrs Susan Dewan
Mrs Claire Hopkins
Mrs Sarah Simon-Lord
Miss Magdalena Starling
Mrs Jade Kelland-Needle
Mrs Kate Pettifer
Ms Claire Waters
Mrs Jacqui Baldry
Miss Nicola Redden
Mrs Cindy Howes
Miss Lisa Marriott
Mr Rob Gilmour