Central Idea/ Big Idea

How have European influences improved our community?

An enquiry into our personal identities and the types of communities that we are part of, A study of how European influences have changed Wellingborough for the better.

National Curriculum Objectives


AT2 – Learning from religion and belief

    • Express views about why belonging to a faith community is valuable in their own lives.
    • To begin to understand the diversity of belief in different religions, nationally and globally.


Religion, diversity, community, belonging, view, belief.

Location, countries, settlements, impact, influence, movement, occupations, retail, culture, trade, finance, land use, brownfield sites

Determiner, pronoun, possessive pronoun and adverbial, dialogue, report, intonation, paragraph, structure 

Personal identity, self-image, quadrant diagram, personality, expression, beliefs and qualities

Lines of Enquiry / Key Question(s):

Additional questions

Lines of enquiry

    1. What makes a community?
    2. What does my personal identity say about me?
    3. What influences have European families brought to Wellingborough and how have these influences improved your life?

Conceptual Lens

    • Perspective
    • Tolerance


Locational Knowledge

    • I can name and locate counties and cities in the UK.
    • I can explain contrasting features between different areas.

Human and physical geography

    • I can describe some human features of a place


Previous Learning

RE – Use a range of different medium to creatively express their own ideas, thoughts and opinions. Begin to explain their ideas. Express their own ideas and opinions and begin to give good reasons for those ideas. Use a range of different medium to express their thoughts

Ask and respond to questions about what individuals and faith communities do and why.

Geography –  I can describe some geographical features of the UK.

I can name some different human features

Lines of Enquiry / Key Question(s):

Key People

    • Equality and diversity – W’boro council (website/phone number)
    • Byron – Policy 

Use of ICT

    • Typing newspaper report – 2publish
    • Video/record – diversity in Wellingborough
    • Google maps – street view
    • Researching – laptops

Model text: Hatton Academies Trust PolicyPart 6 (Equality and Diversity policy) (see shared drive)

Linked Texts (Junior Lib or other)


    • To compose and rehearse sentences orally (including dialogue), progressively building a varied and rich vocabulary and an increasing range of sentence structures.
    • To consistently organise their writing into paragraphs around a theme to add cohesion and to aid the reader.
    • To write a range of non-fiction pieces using a consistent and appropriate structure (including genre-specific layout devices).
    • To begin to read aloud their own writing, using appropriate intonation and to control the tone and volume so that the meaning is clear
    • To always maintain an accurate tense throughout a piece of writing.
    • To always use Standard English verb inflections accurately, e.g ‘we were’ rather than ‘we was’ and ‘I did’ rather than ‘I done’


Future Learning

Lines of Enquiry / Key Question(s):

Writing Genre

    • Diary 
    • Newspaper article


    • Personal dialogue of how it has influenced/impacted their family and own lives. 
    • Pick out one statement that they would like to add to Oakway’s Equality and Diversity policy
    • Write an article celebrating the diversity in Wellingborough.