Internet Safety in 3B

This week we have been learning about how to keep ourselves safe online.  We have looked at the importance of keeping our passwords private.  This created an issue for us in class as our passwords were kept at our work tables so that we could access them easily.  Having learnt about why we should not share our passwords we decided that we needed to keep our passwords in a more secure, and private, place.  We have now moved our passwords!


We also found out that the numbers on games and films are given as guidance as to whom they are appropriate for.  For all children in Year 3, we learnt that only films labelled as U and PG are appropriate, and games that are PEGI 3 and PEGI 7 are appropriate.  We now know that this is because they are thought to be too scary, too violent or contain language that is not suitable for us.  Please support us in keeping the children safe by following the guidance at home.


Mrs Bellham and all of the children in 3B