At Oakway Academy we are committed to ensuring all children achieve their potential in all areas of learning. We recognise that some children have Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) and as such may require additional support to enable them to enjoy equal access the curriculum and all other provisions we offer.   

Through regular assessment of children’s learning, including initial assessments when children start at Oakway Academy, teachers are able to identify those who are not progressing at the expected rate or are falling behind their peers. We also gather information from parents, previous school or preschool settings and use this when assessing possible SEND. If a child is identified as having an SEND then their names are placed on the academy’s SEND register as part of our statutory duty.

What support do we provide?

All children access quality first teaching which is differentiated to meet the needs of individual learners. Children identified as having special educational needs access a range of interventions to support with both academic and social and emotional development. Children work towards targets on personalised Learning Plans which are reviewed termly.

Whole class visual timetables are displayed in all classrooms and some children access individual visual timetables. Some children access additional provisions and resources such as workstation, ear defenders, fiddlers, learning breaks and working towards charts depending on their individual needs.

Where appropriate, support is sought from a wide range of outside agencies including: Educational Psychologist, Community Paediatrician, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Sleep Solutions, Specialist Support Service, Target Autism.  

How do children access the support?

Progress data is reviewed termly to identify children working significantly below Age Related Expectations (ARE).  Teachers can refer children using the inclusion referral form. The referral will be discussed at weekly inclusion meeting and next steps identified. Parents may contact the SENCo directly via the main reception to discuss concerns they have regarding their child’s learning and development.

Who do I contact?

Jacinta Gordon, SENCo  who can be emailed at

SEND Director –  can be contacted via email

For a copy of our latest SEND Information report please click here : SEND Information report 2018-19