Sports relief

Miss G set all classes in school the challenge of completing a 10 minute active session in class. 3B have taken the challenge and are having fun with balloons. Keep going with the exercise Year 3.     Uploaded by Mrs Bellham

Year 3 Reading

The children in Year 3 have started a new reading unit of work. As parents, the Year 3 team all enjoy sharing books with their children at home and we wanted to share our love of reading with the children.  We chose to focus on […]

Internet Safety in 3B

This week we have been learning about how to keep ourselves safe online.  We have looked at the importance of keeping our passwords private.  This created an issue for us in class as our passwords were kept at our work tables so that we could […]

Big Garden Birdwatch

Earlier this week the children in 3B met an alien named Flot.  He had unfortunately crashed to Earth when his spaceship was hit by a strange flying creature called a bird.  The children had to explain to Flot what a bird is, what they look […]

Getting messy with clay

The children in Year 3 have been continuing with their learning about Ancient Greece this week.  As part of this topic they are learning how the Ancient Greeks would have made their clay pots. The children have started to explore the methods that the Greeks […]

Year 3 strings project

The children in 3B and 3C were very excited to start learning to play the violin today. They have already learnt the different parts of the violin, the names of the strings and how to pluck the strings. Over the next few weeks the children […]

Circus Reward

The children in 3B had an amazing time learning circus skills as their team point reward. The children had the opportunity to dress as clowns, try a routine with the flower sticks, juggle with balls, skittles and cloths, stilt walk and even ride a unicycle. […]

Winter is here.

As part of the continuous provision curriculum we have been looking at the way that the school environment changes through the year.  The children have been looking closely at the trees and how they are changing. We have been going out for walks around the […]

Amazing Readers

In Year 3 we have been encouraging the children to read at home and then access a reading quiz to demonstrate their understanding of the book.  We have been amazed with the children’s enthusiasm towards reading. We have celebrated their successes by adding a class […]

Year 3 Design and Technology

In class the children have been reading a book called ‘Susan Laughs’.  It is about a girl who enjoys doing lots of things.  At the end of the book the children found out that Susan was in a wheel chair. In Design and Technology the […]