Welcome to Oakway Academy


Growing Pride

We are very proud of our continually improving academy, come and visit and you will see PRIDE in action!

Oakway has been educating children in our local area for over 50 years, there have been many changes over that time but we have always been at the heart of the community; with generations of families attending. We are a large primary school catering for up to 630 children in 21 classes with extensive provision for pastoral care and children with additional educational needs. Visiting our school is highly recommended as we have spectacular grounds with extensive outdoor learning opportunities.


In 2014 we entered into a new era, becoming part of Hatton Academies Trust, a local family of schools working together to ensure the highest quality of education Working together with the other schools in the Trust provides opportunities for our children and staff to continually improve.

Involving and supporting families in their child’s learning and progress is essential if they are to reach their potential. At Oakway Academy we strive to support families in a variety of ways to ensure that children can transfer their learning experiences between school and home. Parent voice and feedback is essential to our continued self-evaluation and improvement, together we are Growing PRIDE at Oakway Academy.

The dedicated staff is the machine that drives our academy. Every member of staff believes that our children deserve the very best and as a result, they are always developing their skills to ensure the highest possible educational experiences.

A word from our principal

“I am delighted to be writing to you to introduce myself as the new Principal at Oakway Academy.

As many of you may know, I have been at Oakway Academy for fifteen years. I came in 2005 as a student, then a newly qualified teacher and eventually progressed to Vice Principal. In the last seven years as Vice Principal I have had a fantastic apprenticeship to my new position by working extremely closely with our previous Principal Mrs Wallace, the CEO of Hatton Academies Trust, Rob Hardcastle and the Directors of the Trust to attain our Ofsted judgement of Requires Improvement with Good in; leadership and management; early years and; behaviour, safety and welfare.

I am passionate about Oakway Academy and feel extremely proud and honoured to be its new Principal. I look forward to working very closely with the directors, staff, parents and children to build upon the successes that have already been secured and to take the school forward in the next phase of history and development. I intend to ensure that Oakway Academy continues with the same ethos, care and values that it has built up for as long as I have worked here. The school and community are very important to me and I wholeheartedly support the Oakway PRIDE values of Passion, Responsibility, Independence, Determination and Enjoyment.

Despite being able to reassure you that much will remain the same, change is a fact of life and I firmly believe that Oakway Academy cannot and should not stand still. Alongside the newly restructured and talented leadership team we aim to lead change in a way that is respectful of what has gone before. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce James Hollingsworth and Angie Aitken as our newly appointed Vice Principals. I am also pleased to let you know that Rebecca Owen will continue in her position of Assistant Principal and will be joined by Laura Mutlow as Assistant Principal when she returns from maternity leave in July 2020. Our simple vision is to make learning and teaching our number one priority and to focus our attention on the factors that help children to learn. In doing so we aim to raise academic achievement in all areas and to continue the improvement journey that we have already started.

I believe that a successful and happy academy depends on all of us working together. Parents make an important contribution to children’s achievements at school, and I want to continue to develop relationships between the academy and parents for everyone’s benefit.

If you have any concerns, then please do not hesitate to speak to me. Please email Claire Waters, Assistant to Senior Leadership Team on c.waters@oakwayacademy.org.uk or leave a message at the office and I will endeavor to get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your continued commitment and support for the Academy.”

Claire Byron – Principal

Senior Leadership Team


Meet the staff

Mrs Claire Byron
Mrs Angie Aitken
Vice Principal
Mr James Hollingsworth
Vice Principal
Miss Becky Owen
Assistant Principal
Mrs Laura Mutlow
Assistant Principal
Mrs Kate Pettifer
Business Manager


Miss Becky Owen
Strategic Lead & Asst Principal
Mrs Vicky Lochridge
EYFS Lead & Class Teacher
Miss Abby Skinner
Class Teacher
Miss Jayda Southgate
Class Teacher
Miss Melissa Leadbeater
Teaching Assistant
Mrs Amanda Wilson
Teaching Assistant
Miss Hannah Forward
Teaching Assistant

Year 1

Miss Becky Owen
Phase Lead & Assistant Principal
Mrs Lisa Parker
Class Teacher
Mrs Katie Perry
Class Teacher
Miss Kimberly Letch
Class Teacher
Miss Sacha Charman
Teaching Assistant
Miss Sarah Leon
Teaching Assistant
Mrs Carole Elliott
Teaching Assistant

Here at Oakway Academy we are extremely proud of the achievements of all our pupils and the dedication and care provided by the staff. We aim to be the very best we can be and we encourage all members of our school community to set high standards in whatever they do.

The PRIDE values are fully embedded into our teaching ethos where we ensure that all children understand the values and what they look like in different situations.